Dawson has some serious problems, and we need someone serious representing us.

Here’s what you should know about George Christensen MP:

  • He’s been referred to the Australian Federal Police on suspicion of bribery.1
  • He’s funnelled part of his taxpayer allowance into the Liberal Party.2

And what you should know about the LNP:

  • They’re cutting $54 billion from hospitals – and around $166 million ripped from Mackay Base Hospital
  • Abandoning the Gonski needs-based school funding model means we’ll see $3 million cut on average from each and every school
  • They’re keeping the Medicare rebate freeze – which means you and your family pay more to see the doctor.
  • George Christensen has VOTED STRONGLY FOR:
    * increasing the price of subsidised medicine
    * tighter means testing of family payments
    * unconventional gas mining (fracking)
    * deregulating university fees
    * decreasing ABC and SBS funding
    * live animal export
    * privatising government assets
    * decreasing availability of welfare payments

    George Christensen has VOTED STRONGLY AGAINST:
    * increasing funding for university education
    * increasing investment in renewable energy
    * increasing protection of Australia’s fresh water
    * the mining tax
    * a carbon price and even carbon farming
    * ending illegal logging
    * increasing restrictions on gambling
    * increasing the age pension
    * restricting donations to political parties
    * same-sex marriage equality
    * tobacco plain packaging
    * increasing transparency of big business
    * stopping tax avoidance

    Find out how George Christensen MP has voted on all these issues.

    Use this information to think about how to vote in the 2016 Australian election. Vote Smart Australia

    1‘Election 2016: Coalition MP George Christensen referred to AFP over ‘turtle’ bribery allegation’, Sydney Morning Herald, June 8 2016

    2‘Election 2016: MPs giving taxpayer funds to Liberal-Party linked company and donor’, Sydney Morning Herald, June 8 2016